Monday, February 13, 2012

From Sustainable Fods to Envrionmental Justice

Go Green! DePaul Eco-Reps

For those who remember the 27th of October, the early hours of that day were not promising for the DePaul Green Team’s farmer’s market. A typical Chicago overcast darkened the sky, and cold rains fell surely ruining the day. But, by some stroke of luck, clouds parted and rains subsided only a few hours before the Green Foods Festival. Hours of planning and scheduling only two weeks before the set date came to a major success. Hundreds of DePaul students flooded the Quadrangle and thousands of samples from Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Mariano’s Market, Native Foods and Karyn’s on Green were distributed. Eagerly passing out information about the event, the Green Team was able to meet their goal.

While the prospect of free food may have brought majority of the students on campus to the Green Foods Festival, it is with high hopes from the Green Team that each student left with knowledge about the health benefits of environmentally friendly sources of nourishment. In a span of four hours, the Green Team accomplished their aspirations and then some.

What then is next for the DePaul Green Team? And after such a popular event, how can the Green Team achieve a larger number of participants? Many questions like these were asked at the meetings following the Green Foods Festival. Stemming from the seed of health foods and environmentally friendly groceries, the Green Team’s next major project will be concerned with Environmental Health and Justice.

To give an idea of what this project entails, the Green Team will be visiting neighborhoods and learning about the socioeconomic population trapped in environmentally unsafe living conditions. While these neighborhoods may seem to have only existed decades ago, areas like these exist in many cities today, including in Chicagoland.

Information about this project will be posted on the Eco-Rep’s Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, the Green Team will make it a priority to disburse information about the neighborhoods negatively impacted by poor living conditions so that any students concerned with the living arrangements can get involved.

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