Thursday, September 30, 2010

Water Refill Stations: Sustainability at DePaul University

There are many activities that DePaul is doing to strengthen sustainability in the community, but there is one in particular that captures my attention; the “Water Bottle Refill Station.” In sustainability, the inventors have to make sure the new ideas or suggestions will improve the environment as well as the communities. For example, DePaul installed water bottle refill stations on the Loop and Lincoln Park campuses in high traffic/high visibility areas to reduce consumption of purchased bottled water in favor of reusable containers. Every refill keeps another container out of the general waste stream.

According to the sustainable report card, DePaul University received a low grade altogether. As my grandfather always tells me “grades do not demonstrate your intelligence but your preparedness”. What is DePaul University doing to become one of the best sustainable organizations on the report card? This means DePaul University should work on being more prepared for the grade they are looking for, by having more students involved and creating more programs like the water refill station, because it is an important element in daily life. The expansions of refill water system will help reduce pollution from plastic bottles. Additionally, the project will help students and other citizens save money.

Although the refill water system has been in existence, I was unaware of it because I never seen or heard someone talk about it. Then, one day I saw it at the DePaul University, and it taught me how healthy it can be to decrease pollution by not using too much of the plastic water bottles. With that said, other students will be able to learn that reducing waste and conserving precious resources in the environment is healthy. DePaul University Lincoln Park Campus is the first one to receive the state of the art green development in the Chicago area. With the refill water system less people will drink soda, which will also help better their health and reduce dehydration.

In future the water refill stations should be placed throughout all extensions of DePaul University, and in addition DePaul University should take the initiative to implement the same product through other Universities by sharing the idea.

Although personally, I see DePaul has done a lot, now they need to focus on being noticed by other schools. In that case, they will be able to get the grade that they deserved. DePaul continues to progress in their work toward building a better world by participating in creating sustainable developments that could be beneficial to everyone in the society.

Just imagine no one is perfect; to be successful we must fail so many times before climbing the ladder. It is important to understand the efforts, time and cost that would be needed to create a sustainable and green environment. We as citizens should pull together to better our world; we should help other organizations that are trying to do their part in the society.
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